LIKE officially changed its name to Likee! Let’s enjoy Likee Short Video APP from now on! Trendy short videos,special effects editor,Livestreams,socialcricle,all in Likee.

Top growing free video player & editors on Google play store on 2019.

Likee has a youth community with over 200 million users worldwide, it’s also India’s top free short video community app.


【You will get valuable information and a lot of fun through short videos on Likee, and we invite you to create more of below contents】

l Comedy,Music,Dance,Entertainment

l Education,LifeHacks,Tourism,Parenting,Relationships

l Food,Health,Pets,Sports,Fashion,Gaming

l News,Technology,MysteryHunting,Nature

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Not only as a magic video editor & community powered by special effects,filters, stickers,beauty effects.

Now Likee has millions of global creators to share unique short videos of their amazing daily life.

Join Likeevideo now to discover and share a bigger world!


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