Lactic Acid Bacteria Fight Bad Breath

Ongoing research shows that lactic acid bacteria fight bad breath (halitosis). Lactic acidity bacteria are bacteria that ferment milk and produce lactic acid solution as they break down carbohydrates. They include a number of different genera and species, including lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, bacteria commonly used to make yogurt.
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Other lactic acid bacteria are used in the manufacturing of other foods and, most recently in probiotic natural health supplements.

Lactic acid bacteria provide an intriguing organic remedy for halitosis: studies show that, in laboratory conditions and in the lips of volunteers, these bacteria inhibit the growth of oral anaerobic bacteria, the culprits in most cases associated with uncomplicated halitosis. Lactic acid bacterias fight bad breath by actually changing the anaerobes, by interacting with these to produce hydrogen peroxide, and by developing an environment that is too acidic for your anaerobes.

The discovery that lactic acid bacteria fight bad breath has inspired both recommendations that people frequently eat unsweetened yogurt, and the progress foods to fight oral malodor that contain high concentrations of organisms such as Weissella, a bacterium which may be particularly good at fighting anaerobes with no promoting tooth decay. As a natural remedy for halitosis, what could be easier than just including one of these foods in what you eat daily?

A study where researchers experienced volunteers test unsweetened yogourt as a natural remedy for halitosis by eating it daily found other advantages: a decrease in the amount of plaque buildup on the teeth and a lower occurrence of gum disease. To the extent that both dental plaque and gum disease are frequently associated with oral malodor, these findings suggest that lactic acid fights bad breath through many processes working together.

It will likely consider additional research to determine how we might best use lactobacillus and similar organisms as a natural remedy for halitosis; however , in the meanwhile those who suffer from this common condition might think about adding unsweetened yogurt to their everyday routine.

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