Distinctive LDS Dating Ideas

Ok, so everyone thinks that the wondering out is the hard part. Yeah, it can be scary and rejection can be tough, but what happens after the woman you’ve been eyeing across the living room during your YSA FHE says “yes” when you finally build up the courage to ask her out. What now? You need a game plan, but you don’t wish to accomplish the standard LDS date of a movie (preferably of a G rating), impact and cookies, and then the super spiritual discussion that always seems to stick to. You just want her to have enjoyable, and you don’t want to be lame. LDS dating can be tough, especially when you obtain into the same old dating routine. Therefore here are some unique ideas for that specific date you would rather not lose interest to death.

LDS Fortune Biscuits – Ok, I know what your thinking, and it’s a lot simpler than you may think without having to figure out a way to obtain a bunch fortune cookies from a Chinese restaurant, get the tiny slip of paper out of the cookie without breaking it, and then slipping another of your back inside, without breaking it again. Just make your own. There are easy recipes that you can find on the internet which will explain exactly how to make your very own lot of money cookies, and then you can create your personal LDS fortunes to put inside. Several LDS fortunes, for example , could be: “You can only change yourself, so begin with your attitude”, “Be an example simply by choosing the right, even when you are alone”, or “Gratitude is the first step towards future blessings”.

Flea Market : Go to a flea market and find cheap, random items that are interesting and make up stories about the imaginary previous owner. Whoever can come up with the best story has to buy the other your favorite ice cream. Or you can learn how to haggle prices at a flea market, so not only will certainly your date be entertained, she could learn a skill too, and you still cannot have too many of those… like, the LDS saying, “don’t bury your own talents”, here’s your time to shine!

Finger Painting Pictionary – A possibility just for kids. Go to a craft shop, buy some finger paints along with a huge piece of butcher paper for your canvas, and write a large number of LDS things on strips of papers to play from.
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I think you know where I’m going with this, instead of drawing with a pencil, pen or marker, occurs fingers and paint! It’s fun and messy and also a good opportunity to flirt with paint.

Dessert Contest : If there is one thing to be said about LDS culture, if there is food, people will show up. Same goes for LDS dating… you can never go wrong with a date that involves food. So to get a group date, have a dessert producing contest. Make and then sample all of the desserts and see which couple is compatible enough to make an award winning sweet.

Hopefully, one of these LDS dating suggestions will inspire your date to be smitten with you because of your creativity and thoughtfulness. She won’t know what hit her when you bust away finger paints instead of a well put on DVD of the “Single’s Ward”. Good luck!

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